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Producător:Ground Zero
Cod produs:GZDM 3750AB-GOLD
Unitate de vanzare:pachet 10 co
399,00 Lei
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Insonozizant auto GZDM 3750AB-GOLD

Insonorizant auto , produs in Rusia de firma STP , la calitate germana , comercializat de firma Ground Zero.

Caracteristici :

Polymer based on butyl rubber, supplemented with anti corrosive additives to ensure that the treated surface does not rust.
 Very flexible and waterproof material adheres to uneven surfaces tightly and provides high vibration damping results.


 Technical Specification
 Total Thickness 2,2 mm / 0.087" GOST 17073)
 Mass (kg/m²), at least    3,0 kg (GOST 17073)             
 Mechanical loss factor    0,18 (DIN EN ISO 6721-3:1996/method A)
 Storage temperature up to +40°C
 Fire risk, burning rate non-flammable 100 (GOST 25076)
 Durability of connection (N/cm) 5 (GOST 25076)
 Salt resistability (500 hrs test) no impact (GOST 9,719-94 ISO 9227:2005)

 Package content 10 sheets
 Size per sheet    750 mm x 500 mm / 29,53“ x 19,69“
 Total surface 3,75 m² / 40,36 ft²

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