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Cablu adaptor Helix EPC 5.1 - Accesorii Helix EPC 5.1

Cablu adaptor Helix EPC 5.1

Cod produs:EPC 5.1
Garantie:12 luni
229,00 Lei
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Cablu adaptor Helix EPC 5.1

EPC 5.1

"Easy Plug Cable 5.1" - EPC 5.1, 5,00 m cable harness for an easy connection of HELIX and MATCH products to factory car radios.

The ideal cable harness that dramatically simplifies the connection of additional devices to factory car radios. Whether our MATCH amplifiers MA 40FX and MA 10FX or the signal processor P-DSP - with the Easy Plug Cable these devices are supplied with the four-channel high-level signal (speaker signal) and some of our products even with the power of the factory radio. An added benefit: It is not even a remote signal required for turning on the devices. It could not be easier! 

Can be used for the following devices: MATCH MA 40FX, MA 10FX, HELIX P-DSP, B ONE, B TWO, B FOUR, B FIVE, B 8DSP, B 12DSP

  • Plug & Play-connector for an easy connection (8 pole MOLEX connector)
  • ISO-connection (for connecting the factory car radio per ISO-connector and socket)

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